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This come in set of 3 and you can buy attachments as well. It’s very important to watch the instructional video and follow instructions for applying the flanges! These silicones are thicker and motion is still similar to the plastic, however many exclusively pumping now enjoy these and have expressed that they are comfortable.


Cal Med now sells on their site

It’s just so difficult to say for sure which one works best since every mom is different and may take several tries before you find a good fit.

The flanges below from my research seem to try to wrap around options rather than just pulling, which makes more sense to me.


The reviews from moms have been that it helps to drain quickly and it has a longer tunnel. But can be painful if there is nipple damage from baby who has a shallow latch or tongue tied. But the sizing has a little give as well, you want to find a size as close to your measurement but for example, size 15 would fit 15-17mm.


Horigen 3D-parent company for the Legendary and pumpables flanges, but are identical with legendary silicone flange. The pumpables brand have made modifications to the original. The Horigen 3d Seems cheaper than those notable brand names but downside is that you would have to purchase whole new kit when it wears down.

Horigen 3D Wide Neck Soft Breast Pump Parts for Horigen Pumps Spectra S1 Spectra S2 Medela Pumps, 25mm Flange Available (25mm) https://a.co/d/4z1RAck

Legendary Milk Flange


Pumpables Flange


They all have pros and cons. So if you have times check them out.

Attached is video made about flanges and inserts that may be helpful. At 8:40 into the video she talks about the liquid shield flanges.






There are many- but please do read product information since there are different lengths and specifics that are important for a good fit!




This one is plastic but has inserts and small sizes-many reviews from moms say they feel the actual flange works better than inserts


Hands free pump tips 


Proper flange fit picture