Women have nursed their babies since the birth of man

The childbearing years are some of the most challenging and beautiful seasons a family may experience together. During that time, when families begin to grow and a baby is born, there are a lot of changes that both parents ned to adapt too. During the transition from a family of two, to a family with an infant, we want the very best for the baby and what is the very best may look different to different people. But we all hope to have healthy growing babies. Doctors will all agree that mothers milk IS the very best for baby and for many great reasons, but that doesn’t mean every lactation journey is an easy one. However, if you choose to breastfeed your baby, there are a multitude of benefits designed for baby’s development, such as healthy hormones, DNA repair and programing components. Additionally baby gets all the vitamins and minerals baby may need as baby begins to develop and grow. 

Although breastfeeding is a natural process, many women are unaware of the complexity of the relationship between breast health and breastfeeding.  Usually, the term “breast health” is associated with breast cancer.  Breast health is exceedingly important and many mothers may feel alone in their breastfeeding journey.

You are not alone, Our Beautiful Beginning is here to give support to breastfeeding mothers. We work with your physician to establish a lactation plan to help you either increase or decrease milk supply, address clogs, latching concerns, we assist with mastitis and more.  We provide recommendations and empower moms. Please contact us to schedule an over the phone consultation to determine the kind of support you need.

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Breast Health

We are dedicated to helping mothers enjoy their moments with their baby. We will empower you to care for your baby in the way that you choose.